Thursday, June 1, 2017

Masterpiece Academy Presentations

Angel: What to do after high school?
-community college, UC,CSU
- what would he study there?
- maybe become a youtuber, create a game
How come many get addicted to games?
- can be because they're challenging, require strategies, wanting to beat a "high score"

Linda: Why does music sound good?
- vibrations, repetition, rhythm, melodies (uses all of the brain)
-evokes emotion, feelings of pleasure
"the sound is not good, but makes you feel good" (Right to your Opinion)

Kayleen: School System:
- not helpful for many students careers, not many useful skills are taught
- should change because people don't even try to learn anymore they just try to "pass" their classes
- should learn instead things like how to pay taxes, mortgages, etc

Clemente: Are humans inherently evil or does society make them?
- Stanford Prison Experiment
- Milgram Experiment
- people are influenced by the people and situations around them
- they are not born evil but are created by experiences in their lives
- where the person is raised and by who can affect the way they behave/think

Jacky R: What is worse, failing or never trying?
- failure= illusion
- if you don't try you'll never know what you're capable of
-you'll regret not trying many things! What if you would of succeeded?
-you can learn from mistakes
-Don't be afraid, failure is part of becoming better

Fatima: Why do we fear the unknown?
- new experiences can be scary but you should try to identify it with some things from your past
-can be challenging
ex: some people will be fearful in a dark hall because they don't know what to expect
other times you know the outcomes: "you know if you touch fire it'll burn you so you don't"
Amygdala- senses, hormones in brain

Big Question Presentations - Continued

Angie: Health
-yoga techniques to help reduce stress
-improve sleep
-live better
-create endorphin

Daniel: School System
- could improve it
- many not like it because of all the homework and waking up early
- some of the  things being taught will not really be used
- school can be good since it can help people stay out of trouble

Jordan: Can the next generations improve society?
- maybe some through education
- some individuals might be capable to cause a huge impact
- expectations can be too high by the past generations

Cerenity: Why do we hurt people we care the most of?
- they're a reflection of us and sometimes don't like what we see
- have higher expectation= more disappointments
- interviewed a social worker and had screenshots of people's experiences of being hurt by people close to them
- many realize the damage until it has already been done

Monse: What goes in the mind of murders?
- had many examples of killers
- many don't even feel remorse after
-"warrior gene" = aggression
- people kill for money, sex, or control
-many become murders because of phobias, childhood abuse, bad experiences of their own


Abi: What would happen if I wasn't a twin?
Questions people always ask them:
- Who's the oldest of the 2?
- Can you feel each other's pain?
- Do you guys think or are the same?
Abi stated that obviously they cannot
- they share many things but each is their own person
- it is easy for people to confuse them with each other

Leydi: Some strategies to find good items at the thrift store
- look through all of the sections
- it has become a hobby to her
- she brought many interesting items she has found
- inspired by many youtubers who do it

Gabriel: Ways to improve your memory
- psychology
- eat healthier, exercise, meditation, try new things
- doing new things will result in more brain cells
- rhymes, acronyms
- lower your stress

Samary: Negative and Positive things in the world
- racism, alcohol, violence, poverty
- showed class a video of different things occurring right now
- protect the environment
- don't throw trash in the ground, be good people

Big Questions, Day 3

Marino: Why are people passionate about sports?
- he plays in Santa Maria High School's soccer team
- People connect with each other
- limbric system in brain, control emotions- people feel proud if they win in their sport team
- passion, people have done sports for many years of their lives

Luis S. : Lucid dreaming
- you dictate what happens
- more creative, interact with anyone even if they passed away
- meditate
- famous dreamers examples
- sleep paralysis
- can cause false memories

Alexis: Why can't we change the school system?
- students aren't prepared for useful things in life
- thousands of money spent on each student
- feels like prison
- parents aren't involved many times with students because they spend the day working
- after high school many people aren't really prepared for the life out there

Presentations Day 2

Lesley: what are the effects of music on the brain?
- school courses have become easier (math, physics, languages, etc)
- people do better in school
- sad music can be helpful when you're sad ( chemicals affect moods, hormones increase)
- a musician's brain is more symmetrical
- those people are more attentive and can have a higher I.Q
- people are happier with music and it can serve as therapy ( really helpful w/ alzheimers)
- Lesley, herself, plays multiple instruments

Adriana: Why does everyone hate Mondays?
- a person's mentality, it is all in the perspective you have
- many are comfortable in the weekend so feel lazy to start the week again, waking up early either for school or work
- you should actually appreciate every day of your life instead

Eldrin: Why do we laugh?
- to give people a message, it helps connect with others
- to have fun/ joke around
- it's contagious and creates a special bond with those around you

Cesar: Why does he run?
- nature
- it can be fun
- try to do the "impossible" , gave examples of paradoxes
( example of athlete's time records)
- to improve each time

"Big Question" Presentation Notes

Ale: Would people prefer to know who their perfect match is?
- It'll be better so people won't waste time with others
- Others might want to experience
- show Are You The One, people just go to try to find their perfect match but at the end many are just with random people to win money
- many failed marriages ( celebrity examples)
- People should have matching birthmarks to know who's their perfect partner

Lily: What are the causes of death?
- can be suicide
People loose themselves when they loose their loved ones, is it coincidance for someone to pass away after loosing someone close?
- Can die from a broken heart
- diseases or other reasons

Rosie: What happens after we die?
- can go to heaven, hell, or purgatory
- religious ideas
- depends what kind of person you are on Earth

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fahrenheit 451 Questions 1